Board of Directors

Our board of directors currently consists of people from all over the Saint John Valley who love Mustangs football, and believe that every kid in the valley should have a chance to play. The role of the board is to make sure Mustangs football is financially sound, to promote the spread of the Mustangs family, to ensure that all coaches know the fundamentals of football safety, and to make sure the Mustangs’ season is supported with all it needs to have success.

Our current board consists of:

Executive Board

President: Jean Thomas (Madawaska)

Vice President: Vince M (Saint John)

Clerk: Jessica Landry (Fort Kent)

Treasurer: Jenn Collin (Edmundston, Canada)

Other Board Members

Amanda Anderson (Madawaska)

Gabby Adams (Saint John)

Glen Thomas (Madawaska)

Mike Collin (Edmundston, Canada)

Josh Epstein (Madawaska)

Heather Defratus (Saint Agatha)

Sid Defratus (Saint Agatha)

Dorothy Parent (Saint Agatha)

Travis Parent (Saint Agatha)

All board meetings are open to the public. Please let one of the above board members know if you would like to attend. If you have interest in being on the board of the Mustangs, please reach out to Jean Thomas.