Flag Football

Frontier Flag Football (FFF), the Flag Football league under the Saint John Valley Mustangs. Frontier Flag Football partners with NFL Flag to provide a quality Flag Football program that teaches the skills necessary to develop into a technically sound and safe player at the tackle level.

Flag football is played on a smaller field 5 against 5, with fewer players per team, and is a no contact sport. Games will be played simultaneously to give the opportunity to play more the one game by tournament.

Age Groups

The flag program provides a fundamentally sound football experience for players in the following age groups:

  • Level 5th-6th (co-ed)
  • Level 7th-8th (co-ed)
  • Level 9th-10th
  • Level 11-12th **our senior flag players can double as referees and coaches. At your first practice ask about this great opportunity to grow in your knowledge and leadership skills**
  • Adult (futur project)

Teams will be made in accordance with the school of the players. A team contain 8 to 12 players. If necessary the league will allow groups to merge to be able to reach the number of players to create a team.

Every school or coach willing to join the league you are pleased to reach us to get extra information (playbook, practices plans, pieces of advice, etc.).

The Season

Frontier Flag Football is a Spring league begins the week in May. We gonna offer practices on the week evening on different field in the Valley. The flag season is planned to run six weeks. Flag tournaments are held on the last three Saturdays of the season in June.

The number of games will depend on the numbers of teams by level. The minimum teams to play at a level is 3 teams and maximum 6. Over that number, the league will split into divisions.

We also offert the option to do jamborees in case we have not enough team to do league schedule.

Registration and Cost

To participate in the FFF league costs 45 US dollars per child. As part of the fee to play your child will receive a reversible NFL flag football jersey representing an NFL team. The jersey is yours to keep after the flag season is over.

The Frontier Flag Football league is fully insured. For information on registering please click the following link: Frontier Flag Football.

Want to know more?

To learn more about the NFL Flag program check out this online brochure from NFL Flag:

To better understand the NFL Flag experience we provide the following video for this years NFL Flag Championship Highlights: