How much does it cost to play a season with the Mustangs?

Frontier Flag Football–The cost to play for the six week spring season (second half of May through June) is $45 U.S., and $60 Canadian. As part of your payment your child will get to select a reversible NFL Flag jersey with their favorite team logo. The jerseys will be worn during flag game days, and will be your child’s to keep after the season is over.

Junior Valley Mustangs–For Jr.-High level tackle football the cost to play for a season is $250 U.S., or $340 Canadian.  However, each player is given raffle tickets to sell equal to their season costs before the season begins. Selling all the raffle tickets covers their cost to play in full.  Each player also has the option of selling more tickets and getting a personalized Mustang’s item (swag).

Varsity Valley Mustangs–Since the Varsity Mustangs became part of the Maine Principal’s Association, and is now a high school football team associated with the Valley Unified School District there is no cost to play. However, youth who do play are asked to consider selling tickets to help fundraise for the continuation of the sport.

Note: The Valley Mustangs supply all the required equipment to play flag and tackle football, except a player’s mouthpiece (not required in flag), football cleats, and protective cup (not required in flag). Junior Mustang players receive their equipment once they pass in all their tickets or pay in full for the season. Varsity receive their equipment immediately.

Are rides available to practice and to games?

Yes, if you tell your coach you need a ride with enough advanced warning they will do their best to make arrangements.  In order to receive a ride from a coach you MUST fill out the Right to Transport form at registration. Rides may be available for both games and practice.  If you are a parent who has the ability to help transport kids please let your coach know so they can call on you if others need a ride.  We do our very best to help each other out, and get as many kids who can to practice on time and ready to go.

Exception: With the move to the Maine Principals Association the Varsity Valley Mustangs are not under school transportation policies. Please refer to the district website to learn about these policies. Buses are provided to and from games for the Varsity Valley Mustangs.

When do practices begin, how often are they, and where are they held?

Frontier Flag Football–The season starts in mid-May and runs through the end of June. The season is six weeks long. Practices are two nights a week, for an hour and a half. Practices are available in Fort Kent and Madawaska, with different coaches to make it easy for all Saint John Valley youth to attend. Practices in Fort Kent are held on the back field at Riverside Park. Practices in Madawaska are held on the Multipurpose Center fields. Click on the Frontier Flag Football link for more information about this year’s schedule.

Junior Valley Mustangs–Practices begin in mid-August corresponding with the Varsity schedule set by the MPA. Practices are held in Fort Kent and in Frenchville at the rec field. Practices are four nights a week (Monday through Thursday). Games are on Saturdays. The season runs through the month of October.

Varsity Valley Mustangs--Practices begin in mid-August, the start of which is set by the MPA. Practices are held in Fort Kent and in Frenchville at the rec field. Practices are four nights a week (Monday through Thursday). Games are on Saturdays and Fridays. The season runs through the month of October.

What precautions are taken with sport injuries?

All of our coaches are certified in concussion awareness through usafootball.com.   At every game there are EMT’s on site.  We also supply an athletic trainer at our home games and ask that teams we are visiting provide the same.  Every practice is staffed by at least two coaches at all times.

Will I get any playing time if I have never played football before?

The only reason a player will not receive playing time is safety (safety to play is determined by the coaches and athletic trainers). If you are a Valley Mustang we will teach you skills and techniques to play safely and give you opportunity to help the team. We love new players and we can coach you up to reach your football goals.

Are you looking for a particular kind of athlete?

Football needs and takes all kinds of athletes. The only requirement to be successful on the football field is a player who wants to learn and apply their techniques with effort and a willingness to become better everyday. 

Who is eligible to play?

Frontier Flag Football–Any gender, both U.S. and Canadians. Ages 9-18.

Junior Valley Mustangs–Any gender, both U.S. and Canadians. 6th-8th grade.

Varsity Valley Mustangs–Males, U.S. only, 9th-12th grade, enrolled in a Valley Unified School District High School.