How much does it cost to play a season with the Mustangs?

In tackle football the cost to play for a season is $225 (US dollars).  However, each player is given $225 dollars worth of raffle tickets before the season begins. Selling all the raffle tickets covers their cost to play in full.  Each player also has the option of selling another tickets and getting a personalized Mustang’s item.

Do I need to purchase equipment?

The Valley Mustangs supply all the required equipment except their mouthpiece and their football cleats. Players receive their equipment once they pass pay in full for the season.

Are rides available to practice and to games?

Yes, if you tell your coach you need a ride with enough advanced warning they will make arrangements.  That is true for both games and practice.  If you are a parent who has the ability to help transport kids please let your coach know so they can call on you if others need a ride.  We do our very best to help each other out, and get as many kids who can to practice on time and ready to go.

When do practices begin, how often are they, and where are they held?

We will have a team meeting/fitting day/concussion awareness night in late May.  We will follow this up with a combine night in early June, and practices begin early July.  We understand that people take summer vacations, and we will not hold it against any player if they miss for summer family vacations.  However, we do ask that all players who are available for practice attend every practice.  Practices are held two to three nights a week (week night TBD) and usually run 6:00-8:00 PM eastern time.  On the weeks we have three practices the third practice will be for certain position groups only, and not everyone will need to attend.  Practices are held at the field adjacent to the Multi-purpose building in Madawaska, and at the Madawaska Softball Field on 11th Ave (later in the season when we need the lights).  All practice information is posted on the Valley Mustangs Facebook page.

What is the duration of the season?

Tackle football season begins at the end of august and runs through mid-november for the championship. We play football in the snow folks ! The schedule is available on the website.

Flag-football season begins in may and runs through the end of june.

What precautions are taken with sport injuries?

All of our coaches are certified in concussion awareness through usafootball.com.   At every game there are EMT’s on site.  We also supply an athletic trainer at our home games and ask that teams we are visiting provide the same.  Every practice is staffed by at least two coaches at all times.

Will I get any playing time if I have never played football before?

The only reason why a player can’t get any playing time it’s safety. If you are a Valley Mustang we will teach you skills and tactics to provide your safety and give you opportunity to help the team. We love new players and we can coach you up to reach your ambition on football. 

Are you looking for a particular kind of athlete?

Football needs and takes all kinds of athlete. The most require one is the player who would like to learn and apply techniques, efforts and willingness to become better day after day. 

Who is eligible to play?

Junior level

Both girls and boys in age of grade 6 to 8 are eligible (grade level age beginning fall). A player can be refused playing time based on safty concerns at the coach’s discretion.

Varsity level

Players in age of grade 9 to 12  are eligible, however, a player at the varsity level is ineligible if they turn 19 at any point in the season (including playoffs).